Course Description:

Marriage on the Rock by Jimmy Evans clearly details God's principles that will turn disillusioned, divorce-bound marriages into satisfying dream relationships. This book will transform the lives of married couples and those who have a desire to be married.


Books and/or materials for this class have carefully been sought out by the instructors to help individuals gain a better understaing of marriage. It is imperative that individuals complete any reading and/or written assignments prior to class and take notes during lectures and class discussions in order to obtain information that can be applied immediately.

  1. Participants are responsible for purchasing their own books
  2. Bring pen and journal to class
  3. Complete assignments when given
  4. Participate in class discussion

Week 1: Introduction of the 13 week course description and guidelines
Getting to know you
Open Forum

Week 2: The Destructive Husband

Week 3: The Dominant Husband

Week 4: The Passive Husband

Week 5: The Immoral Husband

Week 6: The Distracted Husband

Week 7: How To Understand and Meet Your Wife's needs

Week 8: The Destructive Wife

Week 9: The Dominant Wife

Week 10: The Enabler Wife

Week 11: The Distracted Wife

Week 12: The Emotional Motivated Wife

Week 13: How to Understand and Meet Your Husband's Needs